Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

So here I sit with only a few more hours in 2012 and I cannot help but get excited for 2013.  This has been a great year, but the anticipation of 2013 is so exciting to me.   Why? you ask...

Well let's start with the obvious.   2013 is going to bring about great change in our lives.  We are starting off with a bang and instead of a 24 day challenge with AdvoCare we are doing the new 72 day challenge involving the new workout DVD.  I'm pumped about this mostly because at my last ob appointment I found out that I gained 10lbs in a month.  I guess the holidays got ahold of me to say the least.  I haven't been feeling so stellar so I'm so excited to get recommitted to my health and to see what true health and wellness can do for a pregnancy.   Speaking of pregnancy, baby BOY is coming in May and he is HEALTHY and I would like to keep it that way and give him as much nutrition and health as I can while I have complete control over what enters his little developing body.  An unborn child is such an amazing gift and it has really hit me in the last few days I'm the only person in the world that can impact his development and I want to give him the best not only after he has entered this world but while he is growing and getting ready.   May will be a big month.  And the other adventure for this year is COMMITTING to running my 4th half marathon in November.  I'm so excited to once again see what taking care of myself and working out through pregnancy can do for getting back on the horse after the baby is here.  A half marathon is a HUGE commitment but I'm ready (ps I always love running partners.  Nate will be training and running as well.  We would LOVE to have a large group of people committed to run with us so let us know if you would like to join us)

The other excitement for 2013 is of course our AdvoCare business.  Most of you know that this is our passion.  Our desire is to help change lives and help people realize what they are capable of.  I am speechless as I look back to 2012 and the number of people who decided to jump in and change their lives, health, and circumstances.  Nate and I together lost 84 lbs, felt better than we ever imagined, and we paid off enough debt to cut our 4 or 5 year plan down to a 2-3 year plan (and if things go as we are praying a 1 year plan)  The idea of being debt free and truly realizing what financial freedom is excites me so much.  I also get the privilege of cutting down my hours at work to spend more time with Ava the last few months of my pregnancy and becoming a (mostly) stay at home mom once this baby comes.  AdvocCare has changed our lives in unspeakable ways and is helping us change the lives of others.  God has blessed us with an opportunity to help people dream again and see it is possible to live the life that you once dreamed of.   2013 is going to be GREAT.  Yes there will be roadblocks and bumps, but the God of the universe is on our side and will help us through the valleys as well as help us celebrate the "hills"  After all you can't make a rainbow without a little rain.  If you are ready to join people who love to dream and are fired up to change lives we'd love to have you come along side us on this journey (it's been an awesome one) as we find out just what God has in store for 2013=0)

I pray all of you have a fantastic 2013 and a safe and happy New Year

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