Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rough few days

This week has been, to say the least, draining...

I started it off by working 3 12 hour shifts in a row.. that in and of itself is exhausting.  This week was very rough at work also.  I am proud of myself that even though I was exhausted I didn't miss a beat with insanity.  I did it every day (except Tuesday which is rest day)

To add to it, on Wednesday there was a little (ok so really big) scare with my dad and his health.  I never wavered on believing in the company and the product that I sell even though that isn't the stance everyone took.  I had some really encouraging moments and some really discouraging moments.  I discovered strength I didn't know I had and God really laid peace on my heart.  The timing that God provided and the safety for my dad is just amazing and I am so thankful and blessed to have him with us each day.  The ups and downs and work and stress and exhaustion just wiped me out.  Last night as I came home I felt beat down and just overwhelmed....

And like always... when I was at and extreme low God swept in and showed up (like the AMAZING God He is)   Last night I found out that I had hit advisor level in my Advocare business (which was my goal for January)  And today we got blessed with another gift that was way beyond our imagination.

Tonight I went to a meeting with the amazing leaders on my Advocare team and just got reaffirmed and encouraged that I am on the path that God has laid out, this is my puropse, this is my passion and this year is going to be legendary in our family, in our faith, in our health , and in our pocket book.  I'm trusting God to do big things this year and I am confident he will provide.

Ok Spring chick challengers here's my update for the week:

1. I have not missed a day with insanity!  My pants are looser and today at work there were many people who didn't recognize me because of my new shape.  I did get on the scale today and I haven't lost any weight, but my body is definitely reshaping and it is a FANTASTIC feeling!  Keep up all the good work.

2. I have been drinking my crazy amounts of water and it is amazing

3. I failed today with the eating and I ate Taco Bell... I know gross right?  But that's ok tomorrow is another day.

4. through the stress I have been pretty good at staying on my Advocare supplements.  I definitely love my spark for energy and continue to be diligent with my catalyst and thermoplus

Alright time to go to bed to recover from a rough week and tomorrow starts 4 days with my husband AND baby!!! that never happens for that many days in a row.

I hope you are all doing well and keep up the good work


  1. awesome post. I am so happy for you

  2. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I am super proud of your success. You are such an inspiration! God bless and enjoy your few days off!

  3. Congrast on doing the insanity and the pants fitting better!!

    I love that every new day I log into myfitness pal my calorie count starts over every day! Yes, each day is a new day. Thank goodness!!

  4. Congrats on everything that is going on. I know INSANITY is hard to do and u are doing great! Have a great week....