Monday, January 16, 2012

1/3 of the way there =0)

Where has the time gone.  The last 4 days have been a blur.  Between spending time with the baby and my husband, and going to Advocare trainings and helping Nate promote events it has been a crazy 4 days.  Sorry for not checking in....

So today was day 20 of insanity!  1/3 of the way there.  I am amazed how it is changing my body like I never imagined and how good it is making me feel.  While doing the workouts of course I'm not saying that.  I'm usually cursing the tv in my mind and saying I hate every moment of it.  Thanks to my Spark and Rehydrate I have the energy to get through the workout.

Spring Chick Callengers here is a quick update

1. I have done FANTASTIC on my goal of  working out and not missing an insanity.  We did skip cardio recovery Saturday but it was a much needed break.

2. I haven't reached my NSV of going down 2 pant sizes but my cloths are definitely fitting better=0)

3. I have been drinking my water

4. I have been MUCH better at taking my supplements on time.  I can't wait to get my MNS C in the mail so I can start back up on my strip pack.  It is amazing how much of a difference putting in supplements to fill your nutritional gaps can make you feel.  I didn't really notice it until I wasn't taking them regularly.  Yay for being healthy.

5.  I've been visiting most of your blogs I just haven't commented on them in a while... I promise I will get better at it this week.

6.  I started a Bible reading plan to read my Bible in a year and I have done great at staying on top of that.

Overall I am kind of on a mountain right now and trying to stay there.  I know there will be valleys and I will get through them.  Keep up the good work everyone and stay motivated.


  1. Wow, sounds like you have been busy but it also looks like you are well on track and doing a great job!! Keep it up :D

  2. Definitely super busy. But glad to hear u r sticking with the insanity. DOn't forget to link you this post on the main page...