Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Good day

Today was a pretty good day. Last night I only had about 3 hours of sleep and thankfully today was a rest day with insanity.  I had an Advocare mixer last night and it went so well people were here until midnight.  Getting up to go to work I was dragging.  The victory of the day was.... usually when I am tired all I want to do is eat, and it doesn't matter what it is, I just want to eat.  Today I did really well with my eating and stayed within my calories, drank my water (*and my 3 servings of Spark to keep my mind awake and able to think) And tonight I go to bed proud of myself and ready to get up tomorrow and start week 2 of insanity=0)

Goodnight all




  1. Glad to hear today was a success! Can't wait to hear how you like insanity, I only just heard of it recently but it sounds pretty cool. Here's hoping you get a better nights rest this evening, best wishes xx

    - DS

  2. I'm also glad to hear today was a success. I also like to eat when I'm tired. Anything goes, and preferably a lot of it.