Thursday, October 20, 2011

I did it!

Sooo... in July (with a 3 month old) I made a goal that I would run the Indianapolis half in October.  It seemed so far away I thought it would be easy to get into shape and to  run another mini (this being my 3rd).

As time went by I realized that it's really not as easy to train as I thought it was going to be.  Not only being heavier than I have ever been, the exhaustion from being a new mom, the limited time with having the baby at home, and also the stress of working full time, trying to be a good mom, and good wife, and also trying to work out.  It felt like a hill I was never going to be able to climb.....

Well here I am almost a week after FINISHING the mini and actually enjoying it and running more of it than I thought I was going to be able to.  To be honest I had it set in my mind that it was ok if I didn't finish at least I had tried....  And Nate thought the same thing... at least I tried and I probably wouldn't finish because I would be miserable.

So there I was on race day, freezing around a campfire before the race... and it was then I decided... walk, crawl or scoot on my tummy, I was crossing the finish line.  I was going to move until they told me I was too slow and I had to quit.  So I began the day with my MNS vitamin pack before breakfast, and some Peanut butter/banana toast.  An hour before the race I took some O2 gold and then 20 min before some catalyst and my spark.

And the race began... I felt great.. and kept feeling great through mile 9 (usually I crash at mile 4)  so I was pretty pumped.  Miles 9-12 were pretty rough, but at mile 12 I realized I was SOOOOO close to meeting this goal that I got an extra burst of motivation.  Struggling through tears and willing my feet to move every step I crossed the finish line, threw up my arms, shed a few tears and realized...  All it takes is some will power and setting your mind to accomplishing something and NOTHING is beyond your reach.  It's not always easy and yes it always takes work but with dedication and motivation you can always reach your goals.

So... needless to say this week I've spent resting and recovering, not really trying too hard to lose weight... however, the race was a new motivation for me... and here's to the next step the last 40 lbs of my total of 80 and my goal of 50 since starting this blog.

Thanks for tuning in and remember..... if you set your mind to it and have some will power and dedication you, too can experience the joy and the sense of accomplishment I had at that finish line

until next time.....


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