Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another smile on my face.

So.  Thursday after recovering from being VERY sick Tuesday and Wednesday I got on the scale and was disappointed in the results.  You see... the 24 day challenge was amazing and I am still losing inches but for some reason I have been stuck at this certain number and unable to drop to the next set of 10's see 1#0.2 is the lowest that I've been able to go  (Yes I'm still too embarrassed to share my real weight.... )  So Thursday I made a resolution that I was going to get back on track, I was going to eat healthy things and continue on my MNS packs, spark and Catalyst and this morning as I woke up and stepped on the scale and saw 1#9.6!! I'm down into the next set of 10 which makes me 39.6lbs away from my goal.  You see.... it's hard to make wise and healthy decisions when a giant piece of chocolate cake is in your hands but.... When you make a wise choice and take care of your body you realize it's all worth it when you easily slip into your "dream size" pair of jeans, or when you step on the scale and realize even just a tiny bit of progress has been made.  The desire is there, all you need is the motivation and the will power to continue on your journey to looking good and feeling GREAT!

Thanks for following, and if you are on your own journey let me know your progress and check in periodically I hope I can help motivate you towards your goal and you can do the same =0)

If you're interested in the boost of energy and the help that my body needed to get up and get kickin' head over to and take a look at all the great products offered.  Let me know if you have any questions =0)

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  1. AWESOME!!! Don't you love that excitement you feel when you finally see what you've been wanting to see?!?! The hard work is worth it!