Thursday, October 27, 2011

9months on 8 months off

Yesterday as I stepped on the scale (yes I'm a bit obsessed, I weigh myself every day)  I realized I had officially lost all of my baby weight!  I'm still 39 lbs from my goal because I have never been as low as my goal and I also gained some weight in nursing school.  But what a GREAT feeling to reach this milestone.  Everyone always said "9 months on 9 months off" and I wanted to scream EVERY single time I heard that.  So.... here's to losing my baby weight in less than 9 months and a big thanks to advocare and my cousin Tracy for really helping me to take this journey to being healthy and to feeling great and, yes, to losing the weight that I once only could dream of losing!

Good luck to all of you on this journey with me

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