Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to running

This morning I did my first attempt at a long run in about two weeks.  We are running a mini in 3 weeks and I am sooooo far behind in my training.  As I started it was amazing the difference in my energy level and also in how much longer I could run without my muscles getting fatigued.  Some spark, catalyst, and a protein shake and I felt energetic... something I haven't felt during a run in a long time.  The next test is seeing how sore I am tomorrow when I attempt to run again.

I think it's really cool to see the difference in how good running feels when you are feeding your muscles all the right nutrients.

To be honest I feel great, however, this week got to me and I'm exhausted today... pretty sure there's no product, supplement, or food in the world that can overcome a really really busy week as a mom and a nurse and family parties and events...  So tonight... it's sleep and tomorrow will be a better day.  And hopefully a lighter day on the scale.

Today I'm down 7 lbs =0)  and yesterday I wore some jeans I haven't worn since before I was pregnant.  I'm really enjoying this journey!   Thanks for following.

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