Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 5 SCC review and 6 goals

Well I have to say I have been on track with working out and eating well but my blogging has suffered, sorry about that.  There is a TON going on in my life right now... Just a few highlights of the last week(ish).  I started labor training at work which means I've gone from working 3 12 hour shifts to working 2 8's and 2 12's which doesn't sound like  a lot of change but it is REALLY taxing mentally.  I'm also working on planning a 1st birthday party for my little peanut (who just got sick) and my husband and I have been pouring into our side businesses.  We are making big goals for 2012 and doing everything we can to reach them (which is wonderful, but really tiring at times)

So on the SCC challenge:
Best moment of the week: In the midst of my frustrations measuring myself and realizing I lost 27 3/4 inches since Sept

Not so great moment: this weekend I haven't eaten really well and kind of feel crummy=0(

not really any funny stories

Are you where you hoped you would be on this journey?  I am actually farther that I thought I would be physically, I have also seen a lot of personal growth in myself over the last 6 weeks so... i guess the answer is yes =0)

Would you like a buddy?   I think it would be fun =0)

I would like to chat but no promises when I am on...

Goals of the week stay the same... Eat well, no extra carbs or sugar, continue water and working out 6 out of 7 days.

Mini challange:  I'm pretty good with water all the time except for my 2 Sparks a day (because I have to have my energy)

Have a great week everyone


  1. Here's to staying on track. Congrats in those inches. U R doing great. I will let you know for body as soon as I tally the names. :-)

  2. Hi Stacy-- It looks like we are new buddies for the Spring Chick Challenge!!
    I hope you had a great week 6! Sounds like you are really busy!