Thursday, February 16, 2012


Sorry, I've been MIA for a week or so.  Sickness has gone through my house.  The baby had the stomach bug and then resp. issues, the husband has had a cold for about a week and I got the stomach stuff and now battling the resp. stuff... fun fun.   All on top of labor orientation at work and trying to keep up with the side business... just a little hectic but nothing I can't handle.

So needless to say this week hasn't been the best.  I kind of threw working out out the window and haven't done the best at eating.. really I haven't done the best at actually eating... it gets to be 4pm and I realize that my meal replacement shake is all I've had all day... not the best habit.

But here we are back at a moment when it's time to get back on track, start over, so here's the plan:

1. Easing my way back into working out by starting with some phase 1 insanity videos and then getting back to phase 2

2. new eating plan of planning out snacks for every 3 hours all day and just bypassing the large meals... that way i will actually get some nutrition and calories when I"m overloaded at work

3.  I'm going to start at the beginning and I'm hosting/doing another 24 day challenge starting on Leap day!  what a better day to "Leap" back into health.  (if anyone is interested in doing it with me let me know.  head over to my Advocare site and to take a look and let me know)  I'm going to focus and get the rest of my weight/inches off before swimsuit season!

With focus and intention we can do anything!

Thanks for following all and let me know that you stopped by and how you are doing on meeting your goals!


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  1. Welcome back! Hope your family stays healthy :)