Monday, January 30, 2012

The MEASURE of success

So this is for all the frustrated people out there that may be like me.  I have this routine (habit) that I have gotten into that tends to mess with my mind.  I get up EVERY morning and step on the scale.  And pretty much since October I've gotten up EVERY morning and said "dang it!"   I've wondered what's happening?  I am working out and eating well and doing everything possible to lose weight but I've stayed in the range of 3 lb for 4 months.  I can tend to get VERY frustrated.   

However, last night I learned the importance of non scale victories and measurements of success.  Yesterday was a big day for me in really seeing that the hard work I'm doing is paying off and here's why:
Insanity fit test yesterday: Every number went up from 2 weeks ago and I felt great doing it (I also went on to do a 60 min workout after for a total of 80 min of insanity... holy cow)

The biggest victory of the day yesterday was last night though.  I decided to have my husband measure me since I've been pretty frustrated lately I wanted to see if anything has changed and....   Since September I've lost about 13 lb (really I lost all of that in the 24 day challenge) so that's not incredibly exciting to me, however I'm down 27 3/4 inches on my body!  Since Oct I haven't lost a lb, but I've lost 15 inches.   I'd say that's what you call progress =0)

So girls when you get frustrated with the scale remember the value of measurements and progress pictures because it's really not about what that darn scale says it's about how you look and how you feel.  

When you fall, get back up and try again, "this time next year you will be wishing you would have started a year ago", so take it every day/hour/min/second at a time whatever you need and let's do this thing! 


  1. Awesome!!! Keep it up! The scale isn't the best was to determine losses. I am glad you pulled out the measureing tape!! Have a great week!

  2. very awesome.. i wish i measured myself more... i need to follow ur example...