Thursday, January 19, 2012

Week 3 *really already?* SCC update

Week 3 (actually it might be 4 and I'm just behind) is upon us and I've been really bad at keeping up on my linking in.  I have been reading LOTS of blogs and commenting, just forgetting to link to this site.  I promise to try to get better!

Week 3 goals:
Reorder my supplements... I'm out of my vitamin strip packs and feeling it

keep up insanity with 100% intensity.. my muscles are getting burnt out so it's hard to do the workout full throttle

post my pictures... I took week 1-3 pics and forgot to post them

Challenge:  NO sweets this week.... I'm limiting my sweets and have done a great job at not really eating any and just a bite if I do (I find lots of sugar makes me feel kinda crappy)

and last but not least, my diet has kind of gone off course and I need to get back to my clean eating.

I'm still at the same weight but notice my pants getting looser in the legs so I'm seeing progress =0)

Have a great week girls and keep updated


  1. You're doing really well Stacy! Keep it up!! FOr me sometimes I feel the changes in my clothes and in my confidence before I see them on the scale! The scale isn't the almighty tool we make it out to be! You are doing awesome, keep up the good work!