Friday, March 9, 2012

Living the life of a "Yellow"

So, Nate has been talking a lot about this "colors" cd that he listened to.  Everyone has a color of personality and apparently he says I'm a "yellow"  what is a yellow you ask?

A yellow is someone who is motivated by relationships, building and maintaining, and by making an impact in others lives. Over the last week, I have been quickly shown that this is true.

This week has been a week!  I have had so much fun, and I'm exhausted....

To begin I have to remind you that 2012 is the year that Nate and I committed to dedication and hard work in both of our side businesses in order to lay the foundation to change the course of our family's future.  Until this week that seemed to be exciting, but overwhelming to me because it was going to be a year of a lot of work.  A lot of fun also but a lot of work.  And then the last few days happened....

Over the course of the last few days I heard so many comments about how these opportunities were going to change people's lives.  I heard excitement about having other options for making money and making ends meet, I heard comments like "Tonight at Zumba I felt like a spider monkey on Mt. Dew, I think I'm going to like Spark and Catalyst"  I heard from a friend who has tried everything to gain control of her weight and lifestyle and her weight is down for the first time and she feels great, I talked a little with a friend who's best friend is criticizing what she is doing but who has seen a change in just 3 days and is incredibly excited, I saw my husband take his leftover Mt. Dew to work and give it away because he doesn't want it anymore... the list goes on and on.

I have never seen Nate so fired up and passionate and happy about anything since we have been married and I love it!  And yesterday I reconnected with an old friend and realized, that this is what life is about.  It's about loving on people and feeding into them.  It's about changing lives and being excited about God's purpose and kingdome on this earth and it's about helping people.

I love my job and I love helping babies come into this world, but I have always felt like there's something that I'm missing in my purpose and my calling, and through the last few days I feel like God has opened the flood gates and shown me that I have a passion to be personally and deeply involved in helping people change their lives and He has given me two vehicles to allow that to happen.

So the ending point of this loooong post?  The year that I thought was going to be a ton of "work" has transformed over the last few days into the year that I will get to live out my purpose, build my passion and change lives.. if that's not exciting I don't know what is =0)

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