Sunday, January 1, 2012

Real Chicks getting fit challenge

I joined the real chicks getting fit challenge.  Just a chance to have some additional support in the new year, meet some new friends, and get to share encouragement and excitement with other women who are driven and determined to make 2012 a fantastic year.  Others who want to get in shape, get healthy, and live out the year for all it's worth.

So for all you challengers here are my goals

1. My non scale victory is to drop 3 pant sizes in 2012 ( I would like to be down 2 by March and wouldn't mind dropping 4 but 3 is a good starting point and we'll go from there)

2.  Nutrition tracking is going to be a food diary for me
               1500 cal/day
                100oz water daily is ALWAYS my goal.. pretty good at getting it in.
                Trying to limit dairy, empty carbs, and refined sugars

3 For the first 55 days of 2012 my exercise will be doing Insanity.  Then I will move to mini training for the mini marathon in may.  Both of those entail working out 6 days a week with 1 day off and then I usually give myself a flex day if I need it.  Working 12 hour shifts as a nurse makes it hard to work out before work sometimes.  I've been doing really well but there are just some mornings my body won't cooperate

4 I love to blog so check back often or become member of the blog.  I also LOVE to chat with people and encourage so feel free to leave messages and I will do the same =0)

5. Support is one of the most important part of setting goals.  Asking for accountability and being open to suggestions, supporting others is also encouraging because seeing someone else putting in so much effort and seeing great results always helps me get up and get going on my goals!

Happy new year everyone... Here's to an AMAZING 2012!


  1. Great goals you have here! Looking forward to this challenge myself :D

  2. I love you goals. Let me know how INSANITY is. I have heard of it but do not know what it entails... YOu are gonna rock this!

  3. Looking forward to doing the challenge with you

  4. Insanity is amazing. I never knew I could push my body so hard and it's so realistic. He tells you that it's ok to take a break if you need to but still pushes you. I love it!